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Date & Time Details: Online Program runs Wednesdays 7:00pm beginning January 22, 2020

Location: Distance Program

Carlisle Amlak

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Ayurvedic Wellness and Herbal Studies Course

With Carlisle Amlak and Zaplin Vermie

January 22 - April 15, 2020

Join us for this unique distance program studying the foundations of the pillars of health offered through Ayurveda.

Weekly meetings will support a full understanding of the general principles of wellness from an Ayurvedic perspective with unique insight on how to support the body and mind with insightful balanced living and preventive wellness care for the whole family.

Ayurveda is the science of balancing the inherent elemental opposition of experience to yoke (yoga) unity between the body, breath, mind and soul; simplifying one’s consciousness to the point where there is harmony between the inner and outer worlds.

Written wisdom of sages suggests that it originated in India at least 5,000 years ago, having been supported by developmental insights from the world over. The popularization in American culture has magnified the exponential entropy and development of primarily the physical practices and spa like services of Ayurveda. Many now know Ayurveda as only a series of body therapies, superfood herbs and dietary suggestions instead of fully appreciating the integrated approach to mindful living and wellness through understanding the undercurrent of subtle energy supporting each aspect of life as we know it.

To journey through the deepest layers within oneself to the heart and essence of one’s being, merging with the heart of Creation is the essence of Ayurveda and Yoga. Taking us deep into the primordial energy of the Earth, where we can then connect with the expansive ether holding space for us to realize the ultimate bliss, nirvana, or samâdhi. It is through this state that one can access true health, masterful miraculous healing and truly understand for oneself the meaning of perfect health, svastha.

Our course will support the foundational backdrop that creates the world and language of Ayurveda alongside a full interrogation to create a deeper understanding of the energetics of life that either help or hinder the healing process for each individual. Specifically outlined for greater understanding of the structure of Ayurvedic Anatomy and Physiology alongside a presentation of the energetics of herbal medicine. This will enable you to find clarification in creating your own self healing foundation with awareness of the stages of the dis-ease process in the body and mind that lead to more serious states of imbalance. Working through the layers of physical health we will balance the program with an understanding of the energetics of herbs to not memorize a materia medica, but rather empower you to discern for yourself the qualities of plant medicine to best support your current goals.

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Topics will include (not limited to):


5 Element Theory

Internal Analysis

Primordial Cause of Imbalance

The Sacred Fire

Understanding Immunity

Ayurvedic Anatomy

Subtle Energy Healing

Energetics of Herbs

Womens Health

Mens Health

Pancha Karma

IMG_7017  IMG_8685

This program is ideal for those interested in furthering their knowledge of Ayurveda for self and family care, and for health care professionals looking for an integrated approach of diet and herbs from and Ayurvedic perspective.

All participants will be invited to a Maine for our Energetics of Herbs workshop Summer 2020 to experience herbal pharmacology and medicine making hands on. Two offerings available June 5-8 or July 31-August 3. Students can attend one or both programs. If attending both offerings guests will support the Maine garden with an herb plot of their own to plant and observe upon return. Discounts available for all registered students in the Principles of Health Course for the weekend Retreats.

Weekly calls will be recorded for easy play back convenience to support weekly studies and recommended home practices and reflections.





Carlisle Amlak
Carlisle Amlak is a Ayurvedic Practitioner, Pancha Karma Specialist, certified Ayurvedic Educator, Ayurvedic Body Healing Therapist, Certified Herbalist,  as well as a Sai Shakti healer, Reiki Master and Yoga teacher. Carlisle has studied these ancient practices for over 17 years. Receiving training from the University of Natural Medicine, various Ayurvedic Schools, the East West School of Herbology, as well as teachers trainings with the Himalayan Institute, Universal Yoga and Pranakriya Yoga, she is well versed in the Vedic tradition and is dedicated to upholding the true teachings of the yogic philosophy and application in the modern world. Carlisle has trained extensively with Master teacher Andrey…
Learn more about Carlisle Amlak
Zaplin Vermie
Zaplin Vermie (ERYT-500) has been intimately engaged with the healing arts since childhood and a dedicated student of yoga for over ten years. Through years of endeavouring his own spiritual and scholastic self-study, this Iowa native has encountered many teachers and teachings from cultures around the world who helped challenge, develop and balance his intellect with compassionate discernment. An ardent student of life, between continuing studies and actively pursues and maintains qualifications in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, comparative religious  philosophy and music while teaching yoga and meditation classes.          
Learn more about Zaplin Vermie

New Hampshire, Maine, Puerto Rico
United States.


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About Renuatum Retreats

Over the years, Renutatum Spa + Yoga Studio has become an award winning spa and yoga studio resulting in true positive changes in the lives of our clients. A concerted effort from the owners, Carlisle & Bale Amlak and our wonderful yoga teachers, organic food chefs and guest teachers. At Renuatum, we focus on bringing harmony into our lives and creating balance through the wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga, and nutrition. We are pleased to take our practice one step further and offer blissful retreats to anyone desring a break from your daily routine, a deep stress relieving experience and a chance to learn more about your true self.


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