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  • $4,375.00 – 7 Day Program All Inclusive
  • $6,250.00 – 10 Day Program All Inclusive

Date & Time Details: 7 Day Minimum Inquire for more details

Location: Chenay Bay Beach Resort

Address: Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI

Carlisle Amlak

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Pancha Karma- Ayurvedic Detox and Rejuvenation St Croix, USVI

With Carlisle Amlak and Zaplin Vermie

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Experience this unique program seeped in deep physical, emotional and energetic healing,  detoxification, or rejuvenation therapies all formulated just for you. On our seaside location on the beautiful island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands we create a special program to support health, peace and gentle healing on all levels of existence. Daily consultations, therapies and individual workshops are shared to support not only transformation during your time here with us, but sustainable healing to take with you as you venture home.  Our program includes daily meals, comfortable private accomodations, and a staff ready to support your needs during this journey. We require a 7 night minimum for Pancha Karma or Healing Programs at our St Croix location. For 3-5 day program inquire for special dates or visit our mainland center in Southern Maine.

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Program Includes:

Daily Ayurvedic Body Therapies

Gentle Movement Therapy

Daily Yoga Nidra

Ayurvedic Consultation Daily

Color Therapy




Room Services


Pool On-sight

3 Meals a Day

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Panchakarma is the purification therapy used in Ayurveda as a means of prevention as well as working with a wide variety of health concerns.  . Panchakarma translates to the five actions and refers to five procedures intended to both cleanse and restore supporting and bringing balance to the body, mind, and emotions.

Ayurvedic medicine is the oldest healing system in the world, originating in India some 3,000–5000 years ago. With the definition of it’s meaning being the “science of life”, Ayurveda teaches about the world we live in by understanding the elements from a subtle to gorss level and understanding the energetics of nature and how they play upon them in both our body, mind and energy. Panchakarma is based on central concepts of Ayurveda, which state that disease is caused by the build-up of toxic substances in the body and by imbalances in the body and mind. The main tools through its practice are the support of digestive health, the cleansing of toxins, and the balancing of emotions of the mind to create a sustainable life of balance through our intake within the Five Senses.

In Ayurvedic medicine Panchakarma is used to treat a wide array of imbalances, including ones that are chronic, metabolic or stress-related in origin. Panchakarma has been used to support treatment of allergies, asthma , arthritis, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome , colitis, high cholesterol, depression , diabetes, digestive disorders, heart disease, hypertension , immune problems, infections , inflammation, insomnia , nervous disorders, obesity , skin problems, and ulcers. Panchakarma can also be used as a general preventative to support cleansing, immunity and energy as well as clarity of thought and movement.

Panchakarma Programs

To begin your Panchakarma Program there is a thorough examination and diagnosis by your Ayurvedic practitioner, who determines the details of your personalized panchakarma program.  Panchakarma rebalances the unique constitution within you, as we work with a specific and deeply individualized plan of approach. Herbs and dietary and lifestyle changes that may be recommended both before, during and after your stay.

Treatments can vary in length from a couple days to a few weeks. At the center here in St. Croix patients are treated around the clock wit supervision, dietary therapy, prepared meals, gentle yoga asana, meditation and/ or breath therapies, yoga nidra, ayurvedic massage, and other therapies such as shirodhara, svedana and basti.


Located at the beautiful Chenay Bay Beach Resort on the East side of the island of St Croix guests can conveniently fly into the STX Henry Rohlenson Airport where a taxi will bring you to the location.

Private accommodations in your own private villa and bath over looking the Caribbean Sea and on sight pool will create a luxurious surrounding for time in nature outside of therapies and cleansing practices.

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Carlisle Amlak
Carlisle Amlak is a Ayurvedic Practitioner, Pancha Karma Specialist, certified Ayurvedic Educator, Ayurvedic Body Healing Therapist, Certified Herbalist,  as well as a Sai Shakti healer, Reiki Master and Yoga teacher. Carlisle has studied these ancient practices for over 17 years. Receiving training from the University of Natural Medicine, various Ayurvedic Schools, the East West School of Herbology, as well as teachers trainings with the Himalayan Institute, Universal Yoga and Pranakriya Yoga, she is well versed in the Vedic tradition and is dedicated to upholding the true teachings of the yogic philosophy and application in the modern world. Carlisle has trained extensively with Master teacher Andrey…
Learn more about Carlisle Amlak
Zaplin Vermie
Zaplin Vermie (ERYT-500) has been intimately engaged with the healing arts since childhood and a dedicated student of yoga for over ten years. Through years of endeavouring his own spiritual and scholastic self-study, this Iowa native has encountered many teachers and teachings from cultures around the world who helped challenge, develop and balance his intellect with compassionate discernment. An ardent student of life, between continuing studies and actively pursues and maintains qualifications in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, comparative religious  philosophy and music while teaching yoga and meditation classes.          
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New Hampshire, Maine, Puerto Rico
United States.


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About Renuatum Retreats

Over the years, Renutatum Spa + Yoga Studio has become an award winning spa and yoga studio resulting in true positive changes in the lives of our clients. A concerted effort from the owners, Carlisle & Bale Amlak and our wonderful yoga teachers, organic food chefs and guest teachers. At Renuatum, we focus on bringing harmony into our lives and creating balance through the wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga, and nutrition. We are pleased to take our practice one step further and offer blissful retreats to anyone desring a break from your daily routine, a deep stress relieving experience and a chance to learn more about your true self.


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