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Energy Healing


Sai Shakti Healings

Karmic Healings as taught by Sri Kaleshwar


“Since our sessions I have moved forward in one giant leap. I have started a new job and maintaining balance. My path feels clear and sure. I look great and feel great, as well as having inner peace of mind, heart and spirit. I am also witnessing inner truth and so much energy. I would like to thank you for the wonderful worthwhile experiences our sessions had on my life. It was quite an experience sharing light, love, wonderful warmth and ripples of energy. Thank you. Love, Light and Peace. ” -W

The Pranamaya Kosha, or energy layer in the body is one that not everyone is aware of. In Vedic teachings we work with Prana, or chi,  as one of the main means to find balanced health and abundant energy when balanced with our fiery inner spark, or Tejas, and our vessel to contain these energies within our life force, our Ojas. At Renuatum we offer a wide range of energetic practices. From Universal Yoga Mandala Practices, teachings of Bandhas and Pranayam, Shaktipat karmic healing under the lineage of Sri Swami Kaleshwar. Renuatum works deeply and uniquely with each individual to understand the true root of imbalance and lead each guest or client to the practitioner we feel will support long term healing and energetic or emotional release.

Under the guidance of Chinello Haney, of The Divine Souls, and the lineage of Sri Swami Kaleshwar and Shirdi Sai Baba, many of the staff of Renuatum are trained as Shaktipat healers. Working on the karmic level of healing can have profound results in long terms shifts of mental and energetic blocks as well as removing the root of imbalance that occurs on the karmic wheel lifetime after lifetime.

Call us to schedule an appointment for a healing or to learn more about workshops with Carlisle and Bale Amlak, Diana Hackler and their teacher Chinello Haney.

                                        Swami’s Golden Statements

“First serve the humanity. Then come to spirituality. If they’re not serving the humanity, they’re not eligible to come to the spirituality. Standard law. It’s a golden statement.” -Sri Kaleshwar

“We cannot open directly ‘our heart’ to God. You have to open the heart to the children, the birds, the nature – the loving persons. It brings ‘you’ to God. God is hidden in all – in everything.” -Sri Kaleshwar

“The whole system in Creation is always in you, but you don’t know it. You can do wonders, but you don’t know that. You are a part of God, but you don’t know that. Even if somebody says it and you know it, you have to experience it, too…” -Sri Kaleshwar

“Knowledge is different–love is different. If you have the huge love, you no need to learn any knowledge. Through the love, if you can win the love, God is your servant. He is your big slave in your life. Until to you reach him, he’s your big protector. That is the Jesus message in the world. You look to me, I look to you.” -Sri Kaleshwar





The Shakti Channel Lineage

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About Renuatum Retreats

Over the years, Renutatum Spa + Yoga Studio has become an award winning spa and yoga studio resulting in true positive changes in the lives of our clients. A concerted effort from the owners, Carlisle & Bale Amlak and our wonderful yoga teachers, organic food chefs and guest teachers. At Renuatum, we focus on bringing harmony into our lives and creating balance through the wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga, and nutrition. We are pleased to take our practice one step further and offer blissful retreats to anyone desring a break from your daily routine, a deep stress relieving experience and a chance to learn more about your true self.


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